"Wall” Coffee Pod Organizer

This handy k-cup storage rack is the essential way for coffee drinkers to organize and keep them at the ready. It holds up to 50 Single serve coffee pods that you can store neatly on your counter for easy, at-a-glance organization.

Plus, the self-locking system keeps your coffee pods in place even at a 90 degree tilt.

Another caffeine emergency avoided.

  1. Versatile for both home and office
  2. Holds 50  Single serve coffee pods
  3. Each side ( front or back) holds 25 coffee pods
  4. Chrome handles add a modern decor style
  5. Open view allows you to choose your favorite serving
  6. Self- locking system keeps pods in place, even at a 90 degree tilt

Price: $14.99

DIMENSIONS: 13.82" (W) X 5.35" (H) X 12.01" (D)

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