"Organizer" Coffee Condiment and Accessories Caddy

There's a lot that goes into prepping the perfect cup of coffee or tea. The coffee cup, lid, sweetener, creamer, stir stick, spoon and napkin are all important accessories. This super handy unit includes separate compartments and drawers to keep them all organized. No more rifling through cabinets or messy condiment drawers — simply open and go.

Now, that's how you make the perfect cup!

  • Clean and modern design is perfect for home or office.
  • Looks perfect next to your single serve coffee machine or simply on its own.
  • Can fit creamers or even k-cups in the drawers.
  • Bottom rubber grippers keep unit in place.
  • Chrome handle adds a modern décor style.

Price: $19.99

DIMENSIONS: 5.39" (W) X 11.02" (H) X 12.6" (D)

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