"Apollo" Spinning Coffee Pod Carousel

With its modern, appealing look, The Apollo will organize up to 30 cups in a convenient, compact carousel. Our patent-pending self-locking system keeps your cups in place even at a 90 degree tilt, so you don't have to worry about your pods falling out. Coordinates with most kitchens and break rooms with its black finish and chrome accents.

  • Holds 30 single serve coffee pods
  • Forget those cheap, metal wiry carousels with flim syconstruction
  • Spins on a secure base and the pods do not fall out
  • Open view allows you to choose your favorite serving
  • Self- locking system keeps pods in place even at a 90 degree tilt

Price: $17.99

DIMENSIONS: 6.85" (W) X 12.52" (H) X 6.85" (D)

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